Hummingbird 1
Hummingbird 1

Hummingbird 1

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Many cultures around the world revere hummingbirds as symbols of joy, love, good fortune, and as messengers from the afterlife, bringing greetings and messages from loved ones to the living. The artist is passionate about hummingbirds, and their images inspire many of her pieces. "Hummingbird 1" is part of a series of three paintings inspired by warm summer sunsets and their vivid hues.

Artist: Mónica Pinzón Rivadeneira

Dimensions: 10" x 26"

Giclée prints on Fine Art Exhibition Fiber Paper (Glossy), are made on a Canon 4000 printer with K3 inks. Print stability rated up to 300 years by the Wilhelm Research group. Prints are intended to be matted and framed under U.V filtering glass (not included).


Gold and silver colors will change in prints to dark yellow and gray.

Watermark is only visible on screen for copyright purposes.